Sunday Hunting

This has been placed in house bill 4170 please call  your local representative of your area to support this bill

HB4170 (LINK)

Mr. Ambler                                                                                                        November 1,2015
WV Lawmakers
WV DNR Officials

I am asking for your help in a matter that needs attention. As you probably are aware Sunday
hunting is only allowed in some of the counties in WV. It is my belief that Sunday hunting should be
made legal statewide. There are several reasons that this should be done. The first reason is that having
Sunday hunting legal in a county when the surrounding counties do not allow it could cause an over
harvest of game in the county where it is legal. Not only will the hunters who reside in the legal county
be hunting there but hunters from neighboring counties, who wish to hunt on Sunday, will be forced to
travel to the legal county to remain within the law.

Another reason is a safety concern. With hunters from several counties being funneled into one
county: there is a much greater chance of hunting accidents occurring.

Yet another reason is that counties which do not allow people who live there to hunt are not
stopping them from hunting they are only making it inconvenient. I myself live in Greenbrier County,
where it is not legal to hunt on Sundays. I can drive a few miles over to Nicholas County to hunt if I want,
but cannot hunt on my own land in Greenbrier County.

Then there is this reason, many people who work only get one or two days off a week. If a man in
Greenbrier County works all week and wants to go to the woods on a Sunday for a day of hunting
shouldn’t he be allowed to do so?

Another reason is lost revenue. Each day that people go hunting they spend money on things such
as gas, sporting goods, and food. When people are kept from going hunting by this law it means lost

I asked several people why they thought that Sunday hunting was even illegal in WV to begin with,
while people in other states have never heard of such a law, the most common answer I got was that it
had come from the religious community. With all due respect to the religious groups, how can people
hunting on Sunday be offensive to them, when people commonly go to sporting events such as races,

or football games on Sunday, or even to casinos and bars on Sunday? If a person wishes to attend church
on Sunday, that person will attend church on Sunday whether Sunday hunting is allowed or not.

I am President of the Clear Creek Rod and Gun Club. We have a leased property of over 80,000 acres
in Greenbrier, Fayette, and Nicholas counties on which our members can hunt, fish, camp, and ride
ATVs. Our membership is made up of over 900 members and their families. Of all the property only a
small portion of it lies within Nicholas County where Sunday hunting is legal. I am concerned by
funneling too many hunters into a small area, instead of letting them naturally disperse throughout the
property, we may have a negative impact on game in that area or even worse could have a hunting
accident occur there.

In closing, please consider my concerns regarding Sunday hunting in WV.

Best Regards,
Jason Sloan, President CCR&G

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