Club Regulations





The objective of the Clear Creek Rod and Gun Club are to:  

Encourage the propagation of game, birds and fish, preserve our forest, promote good fellowship and sportsmanship, and observe the game and fish laws, Protect useful songbirds, flowers, shrubs and trees, Cultivate proper relationship between sportsman and landowner, Build a strong organization and cooperate with other agencies having similar aim, Work in harmony with the Conservation Commission in constructive programs. 







 Section (1) This club shall be known as the Clear Creek Rod and Gun Club and afterwards referred to as the club. 

Section (2) The club may lease tracts of land in order to obtain hunting and fishing privileges. 

Section (3) The club may regulate the taking of game or fish within the leases. 




 Section (1)The officers of the club shall be President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer. The office of Secretary and Treasurer may be filled by one member.

 Section (2) The Executive Committee shall consist of the President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Chairman of each committee. 

Section (3) The club committeeman who may solicit membership, issue guest cards, participate in all business meetings, and form a Nominating Committee for the election of officers. 

Section (4) The officers shall be elected to serve a one year term of in event of a vacancy that part of an un-expired term.

Section (5) The fiscal year shall begin July 1 and end June 30 and the officers for the ensuing year will be elected at the first regular meeting in June. 



 Section (1) All money received will be given to the Treasurer who shall receipt and deposit to keep proper records of all money received and expended.

Section (2)  All checks drawn on the club bank account will be signed by the Treasurer and countersigned by the President and Secretary.

 Section (3)  The President shall appoint a committee to audit the Treasurer’s books annually. 

Section (4) In the event it becomes necessary to dissolve this club, all money and all property shall be divided equally to all members in good standing.



Section (1) A quorum consisting of three (3) of the following four (4), President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and six (6) or more non-officers to transact business.A special meeting may be called on a five (5) day notice to committeemen. 



Section (1) This constitution may be amended, altered or repealed by a two-thirds affirmative vote of the total membership in good standing at any monthly meeting. 




Section (1) Each member shall be entitles to one (1) vote.

Section (2) The majority shall govern all issues before the club, unless otherwise specified. 




Section (1) The membership dues shall be payable in advance each year.  This fee can be changed by lease cost and membership approval.  No membership cards will be issued without advanced payment.  Dues to be decided on at the April meeting.





Section (1) Only member of the club are permitted to hunt or fish on the leased land of the club.  However, a members rights and privileges shall extend to include his recognized dependents residing within his household at the age of 18 or sons and daughters in the military and claim residence at their parents and or college that claim residence at their parents (limit of 4 years) documentation required.

Section (2)  Membership cards must be carried on person while hunting or fishing on club leases.  Member’s dependents must have member’s number on their hunting/fishing license. 

Section (3) Guest hunting cards issued must show member’s number, name, and guest name.  Each card is issued or seven (7) consecutive days.  Price to be half of regular dues. (Limit one time).




Section (1) The club’s regular meeting is at the Community Center in Rupert the first Monday of each month at 7:30 P.M. 




Section (1) The President shall preside at all meetings, appoint committees, and supervise all business of the club.  In the absence of the President, the Vice-President shall preside. 



Section (1) A club member on the club lease shall conduct himself as a sportsman and gentleman.  Will abide by the game and fish laws and the rules of safety.

Section (2) A member shall be responsible for the action of his guest at all times.

Section (3) A member shall assist in the protection of life and property from fire and destruction and cooperate with Conservation Officers exercising their duties.




Section (1) Failure to comply with the obligation of Article VI and the Constitution and By-Laws of this club may be considered as just cause for revoking a membership.


  Section (2) Charges against a member shall be in writing by the accuser investigated by a committee by the President and reported to the President.  The Secretary will then inform the accused of the charges, starting time, and place of meeting.  If charges are found to be false the accuser stands to be voted out of the club.


 Section (3) A revoked membership may be re-instated only by a two-thirds yes vote of all members present at a monthly meeting. 




Section (1) As defined by the current West Virginia Hunting and Fishing Regulations.

Section (2) (FEB 2010) Any deviation of state game laws require a 2/3 (two-thirds) yes vote of members present at any monthly meeting and cannot be changed after the season starts.





Violation of the following rules will be grounds for loss of membership if found guilty:

A.    Any member who by knowledge or deed destroys locks or gates on club property or allowing access thru said gate or access to locks to non-members.

B.    Any member who does not conduct himself/herself as a gentleman and/or lady before, after, or during meetings, or on club property anytime.

C.   Any member who witnesses the breaking of State Game Laws and does not report it to the Judiciary Committee.  If reported, it will be turned into the State DNR.

D.   Any member who is present or has knowledge of the breaking of by-laws and does not report it to the Judiciary Committee.

E.    Any member riding four-wheeler’s with non-members or four-wheeler’s without tags.

F.    Spouse to have same privileges as member in good standing.

G.    ATV Tags will be $5.00

H.      Fifteen to eighteen year old’s require a junior membership cost to be $50.00.  To include (sons, daughters, grandchildren, nephews and nieces) of members in good standing.

I.     Campers are allowed on club property for a two-month period only per year.  Fee for leaving campers longer will be $400.00. (Plum Creek Only).

J.    All lifetime members will be charged flat $100.00 dues at age 65 with 10 consecutive years at age 65 of continuous membership.  After the age of 70 membership is free or donation, with 10 consecutive years.

K.    Any member who knowingly cancels check and or writes the club a check with insufficient funds will be barred from joining the club in the future.

L.    Non-members (with no dogs) may accompany members during the period from August 15, to the beginning of small game season.  During dog training for a cost of half of the existing dues for that year and must buy a four-wheeler tag if using one.


The Club will no longer take new membership or applications for new Bear Hunters.

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